Our Acrobats perform Gymnastics. This art requires skillful control of the body. Building Human Towers as a group will amaze your guests.

 Aerial Acts.

Silks- Stunning aerial acrobatics while hanging from Fabric

Lyra- Mesmerizing Aerial Hoop suspended in the air whilst an aerial contortionist uses her/his skills to perform within the Hoop.

Straps- Straps Suspended from a height with either one or two performers with immense strength and flexibility.

Globe- The round apparatus would give you the option of either being suspended from a height or Grounded. This fresh concept offers a Solo act, Duo or Trio of beautiful Ladies performing aerial acrobatics.

Cube- the Cube Apparatus which could be suspended or grounded with the option of a Solo, Duo or Trio Act with Professional aerial acrobats.


Add the groove to your function. Entertainment Zone offers a wide variety of Bands Ranging from

1 man bands to a full house band. We will cover any function with all genres – Famous to Local Bands.

 Belly Dancers

Belly dancing is an ancient art and has been a fixture of weddings and parties in the Middle East for Centuries. Shake your Party up with swaying of hips. Our Belly Dancers offer Traditional Sword Balancing, Candle Trays, LED wings which is incorporated within their show.

 Balancing act

Art of Balancing a Ball, Glass Bottles, Chairs and so much more on a stick, Nose Chin or head.

 Balloon Modelers

Entertain your Kids at the Next Party with these unbelievable Shapes/animals/favorite Characters

Twisted with Balloons by our amazing entertainers.


Giggles and more giggles these funny clowns will have your tummy ache from laughter. Choose a special Skill to combine with your Funny. Entertain Kids and adults by adding Balloon Twisting or a few Magic Tricks.

Cabaret Dancers

Can you do the can-can? Cabaret is a form of theatrical entertainment featuring music, song, dance, recitation, or drama.

Carnival Games

Carnival themes are more popular amongst family fun days. Carnival Games can keep your guests entertained for hours.

Champagne Dress

This Ambient Meet and Greet Dress consist of Champagne Glasses. This classy feature is a must have at any event. Our Hand Picked Model dresses to the theme and serves 70 -100 beverages at once.


Having your favorite songs play is food for the soul at any function. From Famous to Local DJ’s Available right here.


Dance, the movement of the body in a rhythmic way, usually to music and within a given space, for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy, or simply taking delight in the movement itself.

We specialize in all forms of Dancing from Show Girls to Ballerina’s.


The art of vibrations from the heart to hand to drum. Drumming is an inborn Passion the sound that brings Africa to life.

Entertainment Zone

We are a Passionate and bespoke Company that will blow your mind at any Function.

Electric Piano

Grand Piano evolved to an electric Piano giving your guests the same class of a Grand Piano.

Flash Mobs

Surprise ……….Wide Variety of Flash Mobs available this could be Fire artists , Dancing or Special themed Entertainment at any Function as that surprise Element.

Face Paint

Add that Special touch to all functions Young and the older. Our Professional Face Painters create any art work and character with Passion. Face Painting is fun a perfect addition to children Parties and Family Fun Days.

Fire Acts

The Heat is on with fire performers. Our Fire Dancers, spinners, breathers, jugglers will add that wow Factor with options of a show or Ambient Roaming entertainment. Fire Apparatus’s are used with special precautions and skill for your entertainment.

Gumboot Dancers

The gumboot dance (or Isicathulo) is a South African dance that is performed by dancers wearing gumboots. The boots may be embellished with bells, so that they ring as the dancers stamp on the ground.

Grinder Girl

These Girls will add the spark. Specialized attire worn and with skillful grinding and dance sparks will fly.

Hula Dancers

Aloha Bring Hawaii to your doorstep. Perfect for Beach themes or Island themes our Hula dancers will captivate the audience.


Go the extra Mile with our Live Halloween themed Entertainment. Walkabout Entertainment or stage shows to have a twisted evening will surely have your guests on edge.

Headless Character

Add a wondrous addition to your Function. These Headless men are walkabout Entertainment Interactive and intriguing.

Hip Hop Dancers

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Professional Funk with world champions.

Invisible Men

Walkabout Invisible men with a touch of class. Photo opportunities and amusement. Suited for all events and ages.


Jugglers are dedicated to their work this takes hours of practice and exceptional skill to pass clubs, balls and even knives and fire in the air with formations that will blow your mind.

LED and Laser

With A spinning or twirling technique these professional entertainers will light up the evening with visuals and patterns with different apparatus. Birthdays and Companies could have an absolute blast by spelling out your name with the visual Poi. Laser Fingers and suits at request only.

Living Tables

Make your Welcoming drinks or canapés come alive with the living table different themes are available.

Mimic Artists

Think Outside of the Box here. A mime is a performer who uses exaggerated facial expressions and body movements, instead of words to communicate with the audience.


Favourite Characters that come to life, Kiddies theme Parties will never be the same. Mascots also believed to bring good Luck, custom Mascots available on request.


Kiddies and Adult Magicians available to mesmerize the audience. Close up Magicians, Stage Magicians and Comedy Magicians all manipulate a certain object to make us believe it is a trick – Or do they?


Mermaids are Mythical creatures with long hair and beautiful tails. Most girls want to be one -with the freedom of swimming all day and with beauty that takes your breath away. Our Mermaids create life long memories.


Keep your function together with our Professional MC’s. Host your event in style with Local and Famous MC’s.

 Marimba Bands

The marimba is a percussion instrument consisting of a set of wooden bars struck with yarn or rubber mallets to produce musical tones. Resonators or pipes are suspended underneath the bars to amplify their sound. The Marimba Players execute the sound with passion.

 Other Concepts

Entertainment Zone will bring your dreams to reality with our Concept; Design to production team, all is possible. We strive to create memories to last for a life time.

 Puppet Show

Educational Puppet shows with flair and fun to entertain the kids and adults alike. Puppet shows are dramatic performance staged with puppets with the dialogue or music provided by the fun and interactive puppeteer.


 Pantsula is a syncopated, quick-stepping, low to the ground form of dance which evokes the urban street culture of which it is a part. It is performed by groups of dancers who practice together for many hours each week. It provides a powerful, stylized form of expression.

 Popcorn, Candy Floss and Chocolate Fountains

The Smell of popcorn is irresistible. Add an addition to all your bookings with us to add that party flavor. Candy floss for that extra energy and the chocolate fountain will make your desert unique.


Young Vibrant and passionate Promoters to provide Information on promoted products/services. Our special trained Promoters will distribute flyers, samples, brochures or products to source new sales opportunities.

 Pole Dancer

Not as you know it unless you want it. Pole dancers are fitness fanatics the strength combined with flexibility became an art with sensuality.

 Snake Charmers/Dancers

Girls have perfected taming Snakes with set routines and ambience dancing is performed with photo opportunities to touch or hold snakes, entertain guests of all ages. No need to be ssssssscared.


Living statues freeze up and then come alive when they feel emotion. Levitating statues are mesmerizing. A completely different approach of entertainment.


These ‘Tall People’ are interactive, fun and skilled. Stilt Walkers are often used for large crowds or to draw the attention to certain areas. Kids and adults alike are entertained by the concept of being so tall or walking high in the air. Stilt Walkers usually add Balloon Twisting or Juggling as an addition. This is ideal for Promotions and walkabout entertainment at any Event.


Ideally suited for welcoming entertainment and Weddings. Create your ambience you would dream of. Relax to the tune of the brass woodwind instrument.


Vocalists across the country available with exceptional voices and versatile Genres form Jazz to the latest hits.

Traditional Dancers

Heritage is a big Part of our Culture. Traditional Dancers inherited the passion of dance to bring ceremonial emphasis on the forefront. All Forms of Dance available form Pedi, Tswana, Xhosa, Zulu Sotho and so much more.


One Wheel cycle with some tricks and skills added ad an entertainer = Fun and amusement. From balancing the unicycle to riding.


These string Instruments combined with passion and heart felt artists will relax you or have you dance to the beat of extraordinary sounds.


Ventriloquism, is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) creates the illusion that their voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered prop, known as a “dummy”.

Kids and Adults alike are entertained by these ‘Dummies’.

 Western Dancers

Because of cowboy boots, country western dance is more likely to feature a flat-footed glide with some heel and toe touches rather than a lot of “toe type” dancing. These dancers will have you on you gliding in a count of 8.

 Xhosa Dancers

Dances teach social patterns and values and help people work, mature, praise or criticize members of the community while celebrating festivals and funerals, competing, reciting history, proverbs, and poetry; and to encounter gods. Xhosa Dancers refers to “Afro” and relate to Sub-Saharan African music Traditions.

 Zulu Dancers

Expressiveness, power and exuberance are hallmarks of dances from South Africa. Characteristic at South African Zulu dance is rhythmic and legs and feet work and smooth hip movements. Zulu is a South African tribe, and one of the largest ethnic groups.